Religious Pluralism and the Buridan's Ass Paradox


  • Jonathan L. Kvanvig Baylor University



The paradox of Buridan’s Ass involves an animal facing two equally adequate and attractive alternatives, such as would happen were a hungry ass to confront two bales of hay that are equal in all respects relevant to the ass’s hunger. Of course, the ass will eat from one rather than the other, because the alternative is to starve. But why does this eating happen? What reason is operative, and what explanation can be given as to why the ass eats from, say, the left bale rather than the right bale? Why doesn’t the ass remain caught between the options, forever indecisive and starving to death? Religious pluralists face a similar dilemma, a dilemma that I will argue is more difficult to address than the paradox just described. 




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Kvanvig, Jonathan L. 2009. “Religious Pluralism and the Buridan’s Ass Paradox”. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1 (1):1-26.



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